Pinky and the Brain

The Amazing Brain ESP Game

Sound Files:
Brain's Famous Line Pinky cleans the chimney
Cheeze Whiz Civilization at Last
Brain's Parents are Driving Him Insane The Theme Song
Journeying to Egypt Brain tells Pinky what type of animal he'd like to be
Pinky makes a promise Song about history
What's round and sticky? We delve head first into the superstious nature of mankind
Brain Gives Pinky his sympathy Brain- "I Plan to take over the world!"
Pinky asks Brain about his Monkey Pinky sings the "Cheese Song"
Pinky describes Snowball (the Evil Hamster) What Is Narf?
Pinky Gets a Chain Letter Pinky explains "Troz"
Brain - YES! Brain Describes Hollywood
Indian Uprising Pinky and the Brain Discuss "Gilligan's Island"
AYPWIP? - We will disguise ourselves as a cow AYPWIP? - Pinky wonders why Jimmy Cracks Corn
AYPWIP? - Yiddish Opera AYPWIP? - Pete Rose
AYPWIP? - Bug AYPWIP? - Grew back
AYPWIP? - Macaroni AYPWIP? - Pinky asks
AYPWIP? - Give Peas A Chance AYPWIP? - PooPoo Platter
AYPWIP? - Sad Meals AYPWIP? - Tutu
AYPWIP? - Pippi Longstocking AYPWIP? - The Rockettes
AYPWIP? - Trousers on the Chimp AYPWIP? - Yes, I am
AYPWIP? - Plural of mouse AYPWIP? - Weasels
AYPWIP? - Replace the P with O

Videos: (commercials)

Lesson #3 - Getting Started
Lesson #12 - Creative Financing
Lesson #99 - Secret Codes
Commercial for WB announcing the then upcoming "Pinky and the Brain" series


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