Transforming Sound
Galvatron - I Galvatron will crush you just as Megatron crushed Prime
Galvatron - How dare Unicron. Cybertron and all it's moons belong to me!
Galvatron - Coronation, Starscream. This is bad comedy.
Optimus Prime - That does not satisfy my logic circuits
Optimus Prime's death scene
Optimus Prime - Now all we need is a little energeon, and a lot of luck
Optimus Prime - You who are without mercy, now plead for it. I thought you were made of sterner stuff
Optimus Prime - One shall stand, one shall fall
Optimus Prime - Megatron must be stopped, no matter the cost
Optimus Prime - Autobots, transform and roll out!
Megatron - Such heroic nonsense
Unicron - Behold! Galvatron

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